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The DSS provides Slovene composers with quality professional and organisational support, encouraging Slovene musical creativity in a professional and ongoing way and ensuring the quality presentation of composers’ works in concerts and publishing both in the Slovene and international cultural spheres.
The educated professional public is well acquainted with the activities of the DSS, but the broader interested public has limited access to “live contact” with composers, and little insight into their creative achievements and dilemmas, their personal experience of the world, and their contribution to the development of musical life in Slovenia.
In order to achieve a more visible role for the profession of composer in today’s cultural and broader social life, and to promote individual Slovene composers and creativity in general, it is necessary to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding musical creativity, which otherwise takes place in seclusion. Current musical questions, which often remain unheard in the noise of populism, need to be addressed, and the artistic achievements of here and now need to be highlighted.
For these achievements to be better understood, it is sometimes also necessary to step back into history – into the creative history of the individual or the history of the Society – with the purpose of retaining memories, revealing new worlds and expanding the circle of art music enthusiasts, in order to comprehend, respect, preserve and develop.
Building on the foundations of previous achievements, we seek to encourage new musical explorations with an emphasis on the compositional personalities of the present day.
The cycle Conversations with Composers is a monthly event that takes place from September to June. Each session focuses on an individual composer, who is presented as a complete personality in a conversation about his/her musical career and creative achievements, as well as his/her role in the operation of the DSS and in the broader Slovene cultural environment. During the conversation, we listen to short excerpts from the composer’s works. Conversations with Composers, which are moderated by Dr. Aleš Nagode, take place in the Osterc Room of the Society of Slovene Composers.

Artistic selector:                                                                                                                                                            
Nenad Firšt
E-pošta: nenad.first@gmail.com

dr. Aleš Nagode
E-pošta: nagode.ales@gmail.com
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