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Night Of Slovene Composers

Of all the numerous concerts of contemporary music in Vienna, the all-night event called The Long Night (Die lange Nacht) holds a special place in my memory. It differs from all others in particular, because the works performed were not selected on the basis of some narrow-minded view, by which they would have to follow a specific avant-garde style or direction of the moment. Rather, the whole spectrum of styles were admitted in this concert and different characters of composers could shine through. By doing this, the organizers circumnavigated successfully one of the greatest dangers of contemporary festivals: the striking similarity of all compositions, which makes it difficult to even distinguish between pieces without the help of the printed programme. But even allowing for exceptions to this rule, never do such concerts reach the level of variety as represented by the Viennese Long Night.

In Ljubljana, the related event became The Night of Slovene Composers. Although the word "long" did not figure in the title, the first concert lasted from 7 p.m. till 1o'clock after midnight. It took place in two halls simultaneously: in the great and the small concert hall of the Slovene Philharmonic. In this also it emulated its "cousin" from Vienna where both halls of the Konzerthaus were used at the same time. The performers, who performed at the first Night were most helpful, and acted practically as sponsors to the composers, by accepting exceedingly small fees. They strongly believed in the project and hoped that it will become a "fixed star" on the Slovene musical horizon.

Next year the Night will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Not only is this the longest concert taking place on the Slovene musical scene, it is also the most complete and unique annual presentation of Slovene contemporary creativity. As a rule, the event takes place in the spring, but there were exceptions: in 2001 the Night was incorporated into the International Violin Festival in Bled, and took place in July. Several times, the Night coincided with the Slovene Music Days. In most cases, it was hosted in the halls of the Slovene Philharmonic.Each of the Nights presents an average of 30 compositions, most of which are new and receive their first performance.

The Night has its own selecting committee, whose members deal with the artistic side of the choice of compositions. Among the selectors were Alojz Srebotnjak, Maks Strmcnik, Peter Savli and others. Whenever I was in charge of the programme choice myself, I was glad not to select and to be able to admit all the submitted works for performance, with those rare exceptions, when practical reasons such as no adequate performers being available, for instance, prevented a work from being performed.I hope sincerely, that The Night will be well supported financially, so that more ambitious, bigger and diverse ensembles might be invited and the best of performers might be attracted to participate.

Artistic selector of the Night Of Slovene Composers
Marko Mihevc Muni
E-mail: music.mihevc@siol.net

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