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Concert Atelier

THE CONCERT ATELIER of the Society of Slovene Composers (KA) has been organizing solo and chamber concerts since 1965. In all the years of continuous activity, it has established itself as an indispensable centre of contemporary musical creativity. Many compositions by Slovenian composers of all generations were premiered within the framework and commissioned by the Concert Atelier. The juxtaposition of contemporary Slovenian creativity and foreign compositional achievements has always helped evaluate the newest Slovenian music and establish a floor to promote it internationally. The Concert Atelier stage has also provided many renowned and dedicated Slovenian and international interprets of contemporary music with the opportunity to face new technical and performing approaches. Collaboration with National Radio, which records the concerts, makes them accessible to a broader range of listeners.

Artistic selector of the Concert Atelier
Nina Šenk
E-mail: senk.nina@gmail.com



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