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Concert Atelier

The Concert Atelier (KA) of the Society of Slovene Composers started organizing recitals and chamber music concerts in 1966. In 35 years of continuous activity its programme mirrored contemporary music creativity and it made a name for itself as a centre Ljubljana could not do without.
The Societys own concert room, which hosts the Concert Atelier, had been named after the composer Marij Kogoj on the initiative of Maks Strmcnik and is since 1989 known as The Kogoj Hall. Numerous works by Slovene composers of all generations have had their first performance in this hall, on the initiative of the Concert Atelier. By the same token, it provided many renowned and dedicated performers of contemporary music with the opportunity to be challenged with new technical and performing approaches. In the past years, some concerts were recorded for the Radio and some were held at other venues (at the Concert Studio Nr. 14 of the Broadcasting House of Radio Slovenia, for instance). As of recent our policy is to record all new works, when they receive a world premiere in our concerts. The confrontation of Slovene creative output against the world trends in the music of our time represents a continuous evaluation of Slovene music and delineates its place on the international music scene.

Artistic selector of the Concert Atelier
Peter Šavli
Telephone: +386 (0) 40 365 908
E-mail: petersavli@yahoo.com


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