Društvo slovenskih skladateljev Society of Slovene Composers

Trg francoske revolucije 6/l
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenija / Slovenia
Tel./Phone: +386(0)12415660
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The Chamber Orchestra of Soloists of the Society of Slovenian Composers KOS DSS was initiated in 2004 by its artistic director Professor Marko Mihevc. The orchestra, which can also function as a chamber ensemble, is mainly devoted to the first performances of the new chamber and orchestral works by Slovenian composers.

The orchestra gave its first concert on 30 April 2004 at the European Night of Slovenian Composers, where premiered six new pieces. The orchestra consists of the world-renowned Slovenian instrumentalists, who are often also the initiators of the creation of new compositions.

Chamber Orchestra of Soloists of the Society of Slovene Composers (KOS DSS)
Trg francoske revolucije 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Telephon: +386 (01) 241 56 64
E - mail: koncert@dss.si

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