Društvo slovenskih skladateljev Society of Slovene Composers

Trg francoske revolucije 6/l
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenija / Slovenia
Tel./Phone: +386(0)12415660
Faks/Fax: +386(0)12415666


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The Chamber Night of Slovene Composers

Since 1989, the Society has organised an annual concert known as The Night of Slovene Composers. This event is today divided into three concerts (The Chamber Night of Slovene Composers, Slovene Composers to Youth and The Night of Slovene Composers), providing an opportunity for all members of the Society to present their new works in public.

Artistic selector of the Chamber Night of Slovene Composers
Peter Kopač
Telephon: + 386 (0) 4 512 17 02
E-mail: peter.kopac@guest.arnes.si

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