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Leto rojstva: 1973

Commission of Musical Works
Žiga STANIČ (1973, Ljubljana)


Pianist, composer, pedagogue and producer.



- the Viè Music school in Ljubljana: eight years of piano lessons (until 1989, class of B. Marussig - Strni¹a),

- high school of informatics in Ljubljana: final exams in 1991,

- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: degree in piano (1997, class of Prof. Andrej Jarc), in composition and music theory (1998, class of Prof. Marijan Gabrijelèiè), studies of conducting (class of Prof. Anton Nanut), Ph.D. - music theory (2007, mentor prof. Jani Golob, co-mentor prof. Andrej Filipčič).



- organiser of recordings in the Slovene National Drama Theatre (SNG Drama), Ljubljana (1998),

- coach at the National Opera and Ballet House, Ljubljana (1999),

- free-lance, independent artist (2000-01),

- teacher of music education at grammar schools Poljane and Moste, Ljubljana (2001-02),

- selector for the Choral Section of the Society of Slovene Composers (2001),

- producer pf the Symphony Orchestra of Slovene Radio and Television (RTV Slovenija) (od 2002).



- acknowledgment (medal) at the competition for young pianists, Celje, 1992,

- acknowledgment (medal) Grieg Memorial, Oslo, 1995,

- Pre¹eren Prize for best students, for composition, 1996,

- prize for best Slovene choral composition at the international competition in Celje, 1997,

- award of the Cecilia Society, Ljubljana, 2002,

- first prize for best recording of symphonic music at the international competition in Ni¹, Serbia 2002.




Suite for string orchestra (1996), Passacaglia for mixed choir and strings (1996), Dekletom (To the Maidens) for female choir and strings (1996), Concertino for clarinet and strings (1996), Concerto for piano and strings (1997), Simfoniène slike (Symphonic Images) for orchestra (1997), Psalm No. 27 for mixed choir and orchestra (1997), Piano Concerto after drafts for concerto No. 2 by E. Grieg (1997), Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, arrangement for 16 flutes (1998), Monolith for symphony orchestra (1998), Anthem for the PNG University for orchestra and choir on a text by ®. Staniè (2000), Kaj naj ti ¹e reèem? (What more can I tell you?) for tenor, French horn and string orchestra on a text by Ciril Zlobec (2002), Psalm No. 100 for orchestra (2003), Hi¹ica iz kock (A House Made of Cubes) for chamber orchestra – music for a puppet show (2003), Suite for viola and string orchestra, arrangement of the Sonata for viola by L. M. ©kerjanc (2003).



Towards Yesterday, Hommage a Beatles for mixed choir (1994), Two songs for mixed choir on texts by F. Pre¹eren and J. W. Goethe (1995), Abeceda slovenskega jezika (Alphabet of the Slovene Language), 25 etudes for mixed choir (1995), Marko skaèe (Mark is jumping), arrangement for mixed choir (1995), ®alostinka za Slovenskim oktetom (Grieving Elegy for the Slovene Octet) for male octet (1995), Nekoga mora¹ imeti rad (You Need to Love Someone) for mixed choir on a text by I. Minatti (1996), Two songs for mixed choir on a text by ®. Staniè (1996), Three Vocalises for female choir (1996), Mrk (Eclipse) for mixed choir on a text by T. ©alamun (1996), Sne¾ni mete¾ (The Snowstorm) for mixed choir on a text by A. A. Milne (1996), Sonnet No. 19 for mixed choir on a text by W. Shakespeare (1997), Kad ja podjo na Bemba¹u (When I went to Bemba¹a), Bosnian folk song, arrangement for male octet (1997), Balada o pivskem bratcu (The Ballad About the Drinking Fellow) for male octet on a text by J. Menart (1997), Pesem hoèe biti luè (The Song Wants to be the Light) for mixed choir on a text by Garcia Lorca (1997), Soèa voda je ¹umela (The Waters of River Soèa were Foaming), arrangement for male octet (1998), Four Songs for children’s choir (1998), Za nekaj bogastev vem (I Know of Some Riches) for male octet on a text by Hafis (1999), Rubayat, seven songs for mixed choir on texts by Omar Khayam (2000).



Ciganka Bo¾ana (Bo¾ana the Gypsy) for untrained voice and piano on a text by D. Zajc (1993), Rainbow in the Hands, eight songs for soprano and piano on texts by B. Hofman (1995), Pevcu (To the Poet) for baritone and piano on a text by F. Pre¹eren (1995), Three Songs for tenor and wind quintet on texts by F. Pre¹eren (1995), Komu zvoni (For Whom Tolls the Bell) for soprano and piano on a text by J. Donne (1996), Pred Jutrom (Before the Morning), four songs for tenor and zither, on texts by B. Hofman (1996), Two Songs for voice and piano on texts by ®. Staniè (1997), Moment for soprano, flute, accordion and percussion (1997), Boleèina nedo¾ivetega (The Pain of What Had Not Been Lived), seven songs for tenor and piano on texts by I. Minatti (1997), Majnice (May Songs), for soprano, tenor, choir and piano on texts by T. Pavèek (1997), Two Songs for soprano and piano on texts by Mirza Schaffy (1997), Noè (The Night) for soprano and piano on a text by Gabriel Mistral (1998), Oj, mladost ti moja (Oh, My Youth), arrangement for soprano, flute and guitar (1998), Three Songs for soprano and guitar on texts by L. Novy, M. Kaèiè and V. Hugo (1998), Jaz sem glas pojoèega (I am the Voice of the Singing One) for soprano, flute and piano on a text by E. A. Karelfeldt (1998), Four Folk Songs, arrangement for four flutes, three flutes and soprano (1998), Pesem za prijatelja (Song for a Friend), arrangement for voice, violoncello and piano (1998), Yesterday, arrangement for male quartet (1998), Melody for soprano and guitar (1999), Dragi, kaj belega reci (Beloved, Say Something White) for alto and piano on a text by Z. Majhen (1999), Trio (Dar brezplodni – A Fruitless Gift) for mezzo-soprano, French horn and piano on a text by A. Pushkin, Po vseh vi¹avah je mir (In allen Wipfeln ist Ruh) for soprano and piano on a text by J. W. Goethe (2000), ©epetanje mravelj (Whispering of the Ants), seven songs for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, French horn, viola and violoncello on a text by B. ©ömen (2003).



Mass for mixed choir and organ (1995), Mass for male octet and organ (1995), Christmas Songs, arrangement for choir and organ (1995), Missa Brevis a 8 voci (1996), Easter Songs, arrangement for choir and strings (1998), Slovenski Bo¾iè (Slovene Christmas), arrangement for choir and strings (1998), Ti si Peter (You are Peter), arrangement for orchestra (2003).



Ballade for Eva for violoncello and piano (1992),Quintet for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn and piano (1994),String quartet No. 1 (1995),®alna glasba (Funeral Music) for string quintet (1995),Piano Trio No. 1 (1995),Hommage a Messiaen for whistling quintet (1995),Dopplers Prelude, music and acoustic discourse (1995),Andante for two trumpets and organ (1995),String tercet, Baroque arrangements of Beatles (1995),Trio for clarinet, violoncello and piano (1996),Sonatina for flute and piano (1996),String quartet No. 2, Variations (1996),Four Preludes for violoncello and piano (1996),Two Impressions for four flutes (1996),String Quartet No. 3, arrangement of film music (1996), Trio for flute, percussion and piano (1996), Moment I for clarinet and piano (1996), Suite for two guitars (1996), Preludij for trumpet and organ (1996), Replica for two trumpets (1997), Two arrangements for clarinet sextet (1997), Wind Quintet No. 2 (1997), Quasi una imitazione for clarinet and piano (1997), Sicilienne for violoncello and piano, arr. M. Theresia von Paradis (1997), Uspavanka (Lullaby) for violoncello and piano (1998), Trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1998), Melody for violin, saxophone, accordion and double bass (1998), Novelette for two pianos (1999), Arrangement of Slovene ljudskih songs for flute, violo and citre (1999), Romance for violin, violoncello and piano (1999), Tiho¾itje (Still Life) for harp and English horn (1999), Danza antiqua for four clarinets (2000), ®ivalska farma (Animal Farm) for oboe, French horn and piano (2000), Dan jeze (The Day of Anger) for violin, violoncello and harp (2000), Suite for four violoncellos (2002), Preludes for two trumpets and organ (2002), Scherzo for four flutes (2003), Parliament for brass quintet (2003).



Variations on a theme by Rakhmaninov for flute (1995), Moment II for clarinet (1996), Fugue for violin (1998), Andantino in modo antico for organ (1999), Sinus for clarinet (1999), Cosinus for clarinet (2000), Ulièna balada (A Street Ballade) for bassoon (2000), Suite for guitar (2000), Vdih (Inbreath), etude for organ.



Uspavanka (Lullaby) (1993), 11 Variations on a theme by Rakhmaninov (1993), Piano Sonata 'Molèanje Siren' ('The Silence of Sirens') on a text by F. Kafka (1994), Etude for Broken Sevenths (1995), Three Nordic Impressions (1995), Vaje za Elizo (Exercises for Elisa), 11 variations on a theme by Beethoven for children (1995), Faculty (64!) Variations (1995), Minimalist Essence (1995), Variations (1996), In memoriam (1996), Two Spider's Dances (1997), Mors, Pastorale (1997), Intrada (1998), Cadenza for Mozart (1999), Etude (1999), Valse (2000), Impromptu 2003 –Francosko-pruska vojna (The French-Prussian War), after Dostoievsky (2003).



Some 35 of his compositions have been recorded for the archives of Radio Slovenia.



Telephone: +386 (0) 1 475 24 79

E-mail: ziga.stanic@rtvslo.si

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