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HROVAT Vladimir

Leto rojstva: 1947

Commission of Musical Works
Vladimir HROVAT (1947, Zagreb)


As a composer and as a performer - multi-instrumentalist he shows a special inclination for so-called 'borderline' fields of music. "His talent is clear and eloquent, his creative mind shows great courage and freedom of imagination in searching for his own personal ways of responding to the interaction between old and new music, in which sincere experiencing, inventiveness of form and power of artistic personality can be felt."



- primary school and music schools (primary level) in Zagreb, Izola and Rijeka, violin and piano,

- grammar schools and intermediate music schools in Rijeka, main subject violin,

- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: degree in violin (1971, class of Prof. Rok Klopèiè) and post-graduate studies.



- member of various ensembles of light / pop music: keyboards, bass guitar, banjo etc. (1960-1980),

- violinist in the orchestra of the Opera House, National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, Rijeka (season 1965-1966),

- violinist in the Symphony orchestra of Slovene Radio and Television (RTV Slovenija) (since 1966),

- regular concert  activity as a mandolin player (1988-1997),

- regular concert  activity as a mouth organ player (since 1988).



- Pre¹eren Prize of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana for artistic achievements – as a post-graduate student of violin, 1974,

- stimulation award (commission) of the Slovene Association of Cultural Organisations at the occasion of the competition / call of the magazine Na¹i zbori (Our Choirs) for the composition Ku¾no znamenje (The Plague Spot), Ljubljana, 1978,

- award of the Slovene Radio and Television (RTV Slovenija) at the occasion of the public call for original artistic works to celebrate the Day of Slovene Independence, for the composition Sinfonietta for brass band and percussion, 1993,

- third prize in the category A for the composition Kata, Kataléina for mixed choir and third prize in the category B for the composition Da höra ta Æaninawa (This Mountain of Kanin) for female choir at the first international call for a choral work by the Academic Choir Tone Tom¹iè, Ljubljana, 1994,

- a prize for the composition Impromptu and an award in form of commission for the composition Rondino staccato at the competition / call for new, not yet performed Slovene children's and youth compositions for piano, by the association of Music Schools of Primorje, Koper, 1997.




Rhapsody 65 for mouth organ and symphony orchestra (1965/1980), Prelude and Rondo for symphony orchestra (1986, revised for concert brass band 1995), Short Concert Suite for tambouritsa orchestra (1986), version for mandolin orchestra (2001), revised as Short (Youth) Concert Suite for percussion, two guitars, piano and string orchestra (1992), Sinfonietta for brass orchestra and percussion (1993), Hymnus Carníolus for concert brass band (1997), Sinfonia concertante for violoncello solo and symphony orchestra (1999), Simple Slovene Concertino for mouth organ and orchestra (2001) – also as version with chamber string orchestra (2003).



Four Episodes for recorder (or flute), violin and violoncello (1964/1982), Divertimento for four violoncellos (1980), Ostinati folcloristici sloveni for violoncello and accordion (1984), Prelude for two violins (1986), Sonatina for brass quintet (1988), Schizzo a la passacaglia for mandolin, harp, percussion and string quartet (1989), Sonata for violin, guitar and accordion (1996), Fanfares for three French horns (1997), Variations for viola and piano (1997), Nasproti tretji ti¹ini - Liriène skice (Towards the Third Silence – Lyrical Sketches) for mouth organ (or violin), guitar and harp (1998), Three Ballades for viola, counter-bassoon and piano (1999).



Nine Pieces for Children for piano (1964), Prelude and Rondo for piano (1966/67), Etude for violoncello (1975), Capriccio for accordion (1980), Two Bagatelles for harp (1995), Miniatures for harp (1995), Grotesque, Impromptu and Rondino staccato for piano (1997), Four Short Movements for accordion (1998).



Ku¾no znamenje (The Plague Spot) for narrator, a vocal chamber group and mixed choir (1978), Vrtiljak (Merry-go-round) – a collection of songs for youth choir (1981-1994), Jeziki sveta (The Tongues of the World) for youth choir (1997), Love poem – version for mixed choir (1999).



Tehtanje du¹ (The Weighing of Souls) for male octet, French horn and organ (1987), Love poem for bassoon and seven male voices (1989), Jesenski de¾ ¹umi narahlo (The Autumn Rain Rustles Gently) ; - cantata for mixed choir, vibraphone and strings (1997).



Original arrangements of folk tunes: Da höra ta Æaninawa (This Mountain of Kanin) for female choir and small string ensemble (1994), Kata, Kataléina for mixed choir (1994), Vsi so venci beli (All the wreaths are white) for eight violoncellos (1982), for violin (or violoncello) and piano (1984), etc.; arrangements of compositions by different authors from Baroque till our times, particularly for the use in own concerts as a mandolin and a mouth organ player; arrangements of light, entertainment and pop music – mainly for ensembles usually associated with classical music.



- CD Musical Jewels from Baroque to 20the century; Vladimir Hrovat, arranger and performer on mouth organ and mandolin, accompanied by guitar or harp (1994),

- CD Jewels of Slovene Folk Music ; somewhat differently; a motley palette of arrangements of folk tradition,

- CD Jewels of French Music – in the heart of the 19th and 20th century; arranger and performer on mouth organ, accompanied by harp or guitar.



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