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Leto rojstva: 1954

Commission of Musical Works
Uroš ROJKO (1954, Ljubljana)


Slovene composer and clarinettist; he lived in Freiburg (Germany) from 1983 till 1995, from 1995 to 2002 in Freiburg and Ljubljana; since autumn 2002 he lives in Ljubljana and Karlsruhe.




- Intermediate Music School in Ljubljana: studies of clarinet (1968-72, Franc Tr¾an),

- member of the international symphony orchestra of Youth & Music, Bayreuth (summer 1975, clarinet),

- member of the international symphony orchestra of Youth & Music, Umea – Sweden (summer 1977, clarinet),

- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: studies of clarinet (1972-75, class of Prof. Alojz Zupan), then composition (1977-81, class of Prof. Uro¹ Krek),

- advanced studies at composition summer courses in Poland (1981/82, Krzystof Meyer, Bugoslaw Schaeffer, Wlodzimierz Kotonski),

- Staatliche Hochschule für Musik (State Academy of Music) in Freiburg, Germany: post-graduate studies of composition (1983-86, Prof. Klaus Huber),

- advanced studies at the course for composition and electro-acoustic music at the experimental studio of the Heinrich-Strobel Foundation of the South-West German Radio (Südwestfunk) in Freiburg (1984, Luigi Nono, Helmuth Lachenmann),

- Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst (Academy of Music and Performing Arts) in Hamburg, Germany: studies of composition (1986-89, Prof. György Ligeti).




- scholarship of the Slovene Philharmonic, 1974/75,

- scholarship of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Germany, 1985/87,

- bursary of the Heinrich-Strobel Foundation of the South-West German Radio (Südwestfunk Baden-Baden) in Freiburg for a project at the experimental studio in Freiburg, 1990 and 2001,

- »Composer in residence« at the »Künstlerhoff – Schreyahn«, Germany, 1993/94.




- member of the Slovene Philharmonic, clarinettist, 1974-75 (due to an injury of the right hand he stops playing clarinet),

- teaching music theory at the »Franc ©turm« music school, Ljubljana, 1975-76,

- teaching music education at the »Majda Vrhovnik« primary school, Ljubljana, 1977-80,

- coach at the department of expressive dance at the Intermediate Music School, Ljubljana, 1980-83,

- teaching clarinet and chamber music at the Freiburg Music School, since 1887, (resuming playing of the clarinet after a 12 years intervall)

- professor of composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, since 1995

- lecturer at the international festival »Akiyoshidai« and at the composition seminar, Yamaguchi (Japan), 1996,

- visiting professor of composition at the international seminar for concert accordion, Saarbrücken (Germany), 1997,

- leader of composition workshops at summer courses organized by Youth & Music of Slovenia, Dolenjske toplice (Slovenia), 1997 in 1998,

- lecturer of composition at the »European Flute Festival«, Frankfurt/Main (Germany), 1999,

- lecturer at the 13th international seminar of composition in Boswil (Switzerland) 1999,

- visiting professor of composition at the »Musik unserer Zeit« festival at the Hochschule für Musik (Academy of Music), Detmold – Münster (Germany), 2000,

- jury member at the Internationaler Kompostionswettbewerb (International Competition of Composition) »Gustav Mahler«, Klagenfurt (Austria), 1997 and 1998,

- jury member at the International Competition of Composition for Choral Music APZ (Academic Choir) »Tone Tom¹iè«, Ljubljana, 1997,

- jury member at the International Competition of Composition and Interpretation organized as part of the »European Flute Festival«, Frankfurt/Main (Germany), 1999,

- jury member at the International Competition of Composition held as part of the 13th seminar of composition, Boswil (Switzerland), 1999,

- jury member at the Competition for Young Slovene Composers »Slowind«, Ljubljana, 2000,

- jury member at the National Competition of Composition of the Ministry of Culture, Ljubljana, 2002,

- president of the Jury of Experts for the Pre¹eren Prize and Pre¹eren Fund Awards for music, Ljubljana, 2002 and 2003.




- the Pre¹eren Award for best students of the Academy of Music, Ljubljana, 1980,

- the »Zlata ptica« (»Golden Bird«) Award, Ljubljana, 1981,

- the Alpe-Adria Award for the composition Glasba za orkester (Music for Orchestra), Linz, Austria, 1983,

- Förderungpreis (Incentive Prize) for the String Quartet No. 1, Stuttgart, 1984,

- first prize at the Alban Berg International Competition for Composers No. 1, Vienna, 1985,

- first prize at the international competition for composers Premio Europa for Tongenesis for orchestra, Rome, 1985,

- the Gaudeamus Prize for Tongenesis, Amsterdam, 1986,

- the Musikprotokoll Award for the composition Music for Twelve, Graz, Austria, 1987,

- finalist at the international competition for composers »Kucyna« for Music for Twelve, Boston (USA), 1987,

- Award of the Pre¹eren Fund, Ljubljana, 1988,

- first prize at the Wiener Internationaler Kompositionspreis for Inner Voices for flute and chamber orchestra, 1991,

- finalist at the international competition for composers »Olympia« for Ottoki for wind quintet, Athens (Greece) 1991,

- a prize at the X. Biennale della Musica dell'Arte, Trieste, Italy, 2000

- first prize at the Chorwettbewerb des Deutschen Musikrates (the German Music Council Choral Competition) for the composition La bella donna dove amor si mostra for mixed choir, Bonn, 2001.

-second prize at the competition for the Pre¹eren Fund of the Ministry of Culture, Ljubljana, 2003.




His works have been performed on countless internationally renowned concert stages, including numerous festivals of contemporary music, among others: »Ferienkurse« für Neue Musik in Darmstadt (1984, 1986, 1988), Musica nel nostro tempo in Milan (1986), Tage für Neue Musik in Stuttgart (1987), the Zagreb Biennale (1987, 2001), the Donaueschinger Musiktage (1998),Musique de chambre - IRCAM in Paris (1987, 1989), Musikprotokoll (Graz 1987, 1990), Wien Modern (1991), Moscow Modern (1992), Musik im 20. Jahrhundert (Music in the 20th Century) in Saarbrücken (1994, 1995), Akiyoshidai seminar & festival (Yamaguchi, Japan 1996, 1997), the Berlin Biennale (1997), HÖRGÄNGE - PALIMPSEST in Vienna (2001), Icons of the 20th century (during »Graz – the European Cultural Capital« 2003), ECLAT – Music of the Centuries in Stuttgart (2004), at the ISCM World Music Days in Hong-Kong (1988), Oslo (1990), Stockholm (1994), Bucharest (1999), Ljubljana (2003)...




Invenzione pastorale for violin and orchestra (1979), 8 - 80 for string orchestra and percussion (1980), Glasba (Music) for orchestra (1981), Concerto for piano and orchestra (1983), Tongenesis for large orchestra (1985), Dih ranjenega èasa (The Breath of Wounded Time) for large orchestra (1987/88), Glasovi notranjosti (Inner Voices) for flute (also piccolo and alto flute) and chamber orchestra (1989/90), Sinfonia concertante for flute (also piccolo and alto flute), oboe (and oboe d'amore and cor anglais), piano and large orchestra (1993), Glasba strun (Music of the Strings) for guitar and 18 string players (1994), Mo/tention for large orchestra and groups in space (1996/97), Evocation for orchestra (1998/99), Pressure for big band (2000).




Four Novelettes for violin and piano (1977), Five Portraits for clarinet, violoncello and piano (1978), Composition for solo violin (1979), In Si–Fa for recorders and piano (1979), Studio for Percussion for five percussionists (1979), Sarcasm for violin and piano (1980), Vinjenke for trumpet, French horn and trombone (1980), Capriccio concertante for violin, viola, violoncello and piano (1980), Utrinki for piano (1981), Miniatures for trumpet and piano (1981), Sedem vzdihljajev (Seven Sighs) for clarinet and piano (1981), Melancholy for violoncello and piano (1982), Five Portraits for clarinet, violoncello and piano (1987), string Quartet No. 1 (1984), Tongen for violin, half-clarinet and piano (1986), Tongen II for two double basses (1986), Music for Twelve for 12 instruments (1987), Tongarten for nine instruments (1989), Atemaj for flute (also piccolo and alto flute) and oboe (1989), Stekleni glasovi (Glass Voices) for flute and piano (1989), Ottoki – a cycle for wind quintet (1990/91), Godba (Band Music) for alto saxophone and piano (1992), Elegia per Hugo for flute and guitar (1993), Bagatelles for accordion and piano (1994), Music on Strings for guitar and 18 string instruments (1994), Molitve (Prayers) for viola and accordion (1994), Capriccios for trombone quartet (1994/95), Tangos I,II,III,IV,V for accordion and piano (1995), Tangos I,II,III,IV,V for two pianos (1995), Calm down - duo for recorder (instruments required: great bass-, bass- or tenor-, sopran- and sopranino recorder) and percussion (1996), Veter kamna (Stone Wind) for flute and clarinet (1997), Try to Fly for sho (Japanese traditional instrument, a sort of predecessor of accordion) and accordion (1997), Secret Message for violoncello and piano (1997), Secret Message II for clarinet, violoncello and piano (1998), Evocation for violoncello and accordion (1998), Vtkan v valove (Woven into Waves) for six percussionists (1998), Ironica for flute, double bass and piano (1999), Ironica for violin, contra-bassoon and piano (1999), Vox for clarinet and accordion (2001), Trio fluido for two saxophones and piano (2002, rev. 2003), Septetto fluido for wind quintet, piano and double bass (2002/2003), Micro-ostinati for clarinet and guitar (2003).




Passing Away on two strings for guitar (1984), Anatraum for amplified clarinet (1984), Iskanon for solo flute (1984), ...für eine Piccolospielerin for piccolo (1985), Ja (Yes) for violoncello with two bows (1986/87), Izpovedi svetlobe (Light’s Confessions) for organ (1990), Tati for solo violin (1990/91), Whose Song for accordion (1991), Elegia per Hugo for accordion (1993), Tangos III, IV, V for accordion (1995), Luna, acqua e chiara for guitar (1998), Spin for accordion (2000/2001), Lamento for alto saxophone (2000/2001), Spin I, Spin II for piano (2000/2001), Chition (Pst!) for solo guitar (2003).




Glasovi (Voices) for mixed choir (1978), Uleomina for mixed choir (1983), Bonbon (Candy) for male choir (1982), text by Robert Desnos, Vodomet (Jets of Water) for youth choir (1983), text by Boris A. Novak, Sonènice (Sun Flowers) for female choir (1983), text by Svetlana Makaroviè, ,, Otrok je pesem (The Child is a Song) – song cycle for mixed choir (1991), text by Jo¾ek ©tucin, La bella donna dove amor si mostra for mixed choir a capella (2000/2001), text by Milan Jesih, Reki (To the River) for female or youth choir (2002), text based on Slovene folk sayings.




Mrtva¹ko noè je svet zaèel (The World began the Night of Death) for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (1978), text by Roman Rojko, Ta¹èica (Robin Redbreast); En-dva-tri (One-two-three); Ljubljanski zmaj (The Dragon of Ljubljana) for children’s choir and piano (1978), text by Ida Rojko, Maèja predilnica (The Cat's Purring Spinnery) for mixed choir – children's cantata for soloists, youth choir and orchestra (1980), text by Svetlana Makaroviè, Za en gobèek pesmic (A Muzzleful of Songs), a collection of single-voice songs for children's choir and piano (1980), text by Svetlana Makaroviè, BU for youth choir, piano and sounding objects (1987), text by Uro¹ Rojko, Chor-Rohr-Musik for 7 vocalists and 7 musical tubes (1987), text by Svetlana Makaroviè, Et puis plus rien le rêve – song cycle for baritone, violoncello and accordion (1992), texts by Ingeborg Bachmann, Guillaume Apollinaire and William Carlos Williams, Miru (To Peace) for clarinet and mixed choir (1998), MatheMatheMatics for children's choir and piano (2000/2001), text by Irena Rojko.




Ritualities for sound tape (1996), Popolni korak? (The Perfect step?), music for a dance performance by the group En-Knap (2000/01), Rondo-vous for ensemble and live electronics (2001/2002).



Pesem in ples (A Song and a Dance) for clarinet and piano (1978), Sympathy for piano four-hands (1980), Sympathy for clarinet or oboe and piano (1988), Four Riddles and Three Correct Solutions for four clarinets (1981, 1989), Atonkanon for any ensemble ranging from 5 to 10 performers (1989), Die Reihe (The Series) and Der Hall (The Echo) for clarinet and piano (1998).




stage music for the theatre performance Dissident Arno¾ and his kin by Drago Janèar; stage music for the theatre performance Triko.




- CD: Uro¹ Rojko, Kammermusik, 1995,:Ottoki, Tati, Glass Voices, Whose Song, Atemaj, Passing Away on Two Strings (Ensemble Aventure& Stefan Hussong),

- CD: Couleurs 1 1996: Molitve (Prayers) and Elegia for viola and accordion (James Creitz, Hugo Noth),

- CD: Tango Fantasy, 1996: Alien-Tango (Stefan Husong, accordion),

- CD: John-Edward Kelly - saxophone, Bob Versteegh - piano, 1997: Godba (Band Music),

- CD: Revoluçionario, 1997: Tango I-V (Stefan Hussong, accordion, Mika Yamada, piano),

- CD: Uro¹ Rojko, Chamber Music, 1999: Prayers, Bagatelles, Tangos, Elegia per Hugo (James Creitz, viola, Mika Yamada, piano, Hugo Noth in Stefan Hussong, accordion),

- CD: Uro¹ Rojko,The Art of Walking, 2001: music for a dance performance Popolni korak? / The Perfect Step? (Ale¹ Hadalin, En-Knap),

- CD: Uro¹ Rojko, Inner Voices, 2002; Mateja Haller - flute, Klara Tomljanoviè-guitar, Matej ©arc-oboe, Symphony Orchestra of the Slovene Radio and Television, Slovene Philharmonic, conductors Marko Letonja and Alexander Drèar (Inner Voices, Glass Voices, Luna, Acqua e Chiara, ...für eine Piccolospielerin, , Evocation, Atemaj (Ars Slovenica, Ed.DSS 200027).




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