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The Župančič Award

The Župančič Award is conferred by the Municipality of Ljubljana for exceptional creative work in the area of culture that significantly shapes the cultural life of the inhabitants of the Municipality of Ljubljana. It can also be awarded for creative work that has gained international recognition or has established the artists abroad.
The award is received by artists from the area of the Municipality of Ljubljana for creative work presented publicly in the year prior to the conferring of the award (i.e., from March of the previous year to March of the present year), or for work undertaken over a longer period that has consistently enriched the cultural heritage of the Municipality of Ljubljana and can be regarded as an exceptional cultural achievement by international standards.
In cases where the creative work is so extensive that it is not possible to recognise the achievement of only one specific individual, the Župančič Award can also be awarded to a group of artists.
Each year, a maximum of four Župančič Awards can be conferred, with the prizes being presented in the first half of June.
The value of the Župančič Award is equivalent to three average gross monthly salaries in the Republic of Slovenia during the previous year. This prize is intended for artistic work and is awarded along with a certificate that contains the text of the resolution on the conferring of the award.
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