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The Kozina Award

The Kozina Award is the most important professional peer recognition award for Slovene composers, and it has been conferred by the Society of Slovene Composers since 1994. The Kozina Award ceremony takes place each year on 4 June, the anniversary of the birth of composer Marjan Kozina, with the presentation of the award certificate and a financial prize.
The Kozina Award is conferred for a complete opus or for important compositional achievements in the public sphere over the previous three years. Exceptionally, it can also be awarded for specific successes by Slovene composers. The award can be presented to any composer who lives and works in the Slovene cultural sphere.
The candidate is presented to the Executive Board by the Jury for Awards and Recognitions with a professionally written detailed justification. The motion is considered valid if and when it is confirmed by the members of the Executive Board. If the Jury’s proposal fails to gain support, the Executive Board has the right not to confer the award or to confer in on a composer chosen with a majority of votes by the Executive Board. 

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