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Leto rojstva: 1948

Commission of Musical Works


Slovene composer, violinist and pedagogue.


- Ljubljana Academy of Music: Degree in violin (1971) and composition (1978, Prof. Uroš Krek).


- Violinist in the Slovene Radio Symphony Orchestra (1972-1987).
- Head of the serious music and ballet department of RTV Slovenia (1987-1998).
- Professor of composition and music theory at the Ljubljana Academy of Music (since 1998).
- Lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (AGRFT).
- Member of the programme committee of Youth & Music Slovenia (1980-1982).
- President of the programme committee of Youth & Music Slovenia (1982-1984).
- Vice-president of Youth & Music Slovenia (1982-1984).
- Member of the organising committee of the Society of Slovene Composers, including various jury duties (1980-1988, and since 1998).
- Jury member for the approval of the status of freelance artists, Ministry of Culture (1983-1988).
- Selector for music for the European Month of Culture EMK (1997).
- Representative of RTV Slovenia at the EBU work group for music (Eurovision, 1992-1998).
- Representative of RTV Slovenia at the International Music Centre, Vienna, (1992-1998).
- Member of the international jury, Festival Prix Italia (Turin, 1994).
- Member of the international jury, Festival Golden Prague (Prague, 1996).
- Member of the European Academy of Science and Arts (Salzburg, since 1992).
- Member of the expert group for music of the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL, since 1997).
- Member of the Administration Board, University of Ljubljana (1999-2000).
- Member of the Council for Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (2001-2005).
- President of the Commission for the Arts of the Council for Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (2001-2005).
- Head of the Department of Composition and Music Theory of the Ljubljana Academy of Music (since 2011).
- President of the Administrative Board of the Society of Slovene Composers (2002-2006).
- Co-founder and president of the Administrative Board of the Slovene Music Information Centre (SIGIC) (2004-2008).

Awards and Prizes

- Golden Medal awarded of SOKOJ for the best arrangement at the Slovene Song Festival 1975, 1976, 1980.
- Silver Medal awarded by the international jury at the Slovene Song Festival, 1977.
- Second and third prize of the Expert Jury at the Slovene Song Festival, 1980.
- Prešeren Prize of the University of Ljubljana (for Concertino for large orchestra), 1977.
- Third prize in the Grand Prix de Musique Folklorique de Radio Bratislava (for Sv. Sintilawdič), 1978.
- Prix National at the 34ème Festival du Film Publicitaire Cinema & Television Cannes (for The Guests are Coming, part of the project “Slovenia, My Country”) collective prize, 1987.
- Župančič Prize (for Four Slovene Folk Songs for stings), 1983.
- Golden Award “Metod Badjura” at the Week of Slovene Film in Celje (for the series Primož Trubar CF Heretic), collective prize, 1986.
- Recognition “Metod Badjura” at the Week of Slovene Film in Celje (for music for the films Čisto pravi gusar (A Pretty Proper Pirate) and Poletje v školjki II (Summer in a Shell II), 1988.
- Prešeren Fund Prize for Violin Concerto, 2000.
- Kozina Award of the Society of Slovene Composers, 2012.


Orchestral Music

Concertino for big orchestra (1977), Nocturne for string orchestra (1977), Chamber Music for Orchestra (1979), Overture for orchestra (1980), Four Folk Songs for strings (1980), Elegy for flugelhorn and strings (1980), Concertante Music for wind quintet and orchestra (1982), Wedding Dance for two clarinets in B and strings (1984), Dance form Resia for two Resian instruments and strings (1988), Slovene Rhapsody for orchestra (1990), Concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra (1992), Concerto for violin and orchestra (1999), Concerto for violoncello and strings (2000).

Opera and Ballet Music

"Urška in povodni mož" - Ursula and the Lord of the River, ballet in 6 scenes (1985), "Krst pri Savici" - Baptism at the river Savica, ballet (1989), "Krpanova kobila" - The Mare of Krpan, opera buffa in three acts (1992), "Matiček se ženi" - Mathias is getting married, ballet music in three scenes (1994), Medeia, opera (2000).

Choral Music

"Mesto" - The City for mixed choir (1979), Kata, Katalena for 12 voices (1980), "Mesto" - The City for male choir (1988).

Vocal-Instrumental Music

"Svobodi" - To Freedom for bass, narrator, mixed choir, synthesizer and orchestra (1981-82), "Zreilo je žito" - The Corn is Ripe for alto, ocarina, dulcimer, percussion and strings (1984), "Ne ouri ne sejaj" - Plough not, sow not for alto and strings (1984), "Neznani materi" - To the unknown mother for bass-baritone and strings (1986), "Tisti èas" -That Time, a song cycle for alto and strings (1988), "Lovec na ljudi" - The Head Hunter) for alto and strings (1989).

Chamber Music

Poema for wind quintet (1977), Andante for string quartet (1977), Romance for viola and piano (1977), Chamber Music for 11 instruments (1978), Ballade for trumpet (flugelhorn) and piano (1978), Capriccio for soprano saxophone, double bass and percussion (1979), Music for bassoon and piano (1979), Sketch for flute and piano (1979), Passacaglia for piano quartet (1980), Grotesque for clarinet and piano (1981), Dialogue for violin and guitar (1981), Capriccio for trumpet and piano (1981), Three Pieces for violin and piano (1982), Games for recorder, violin and violoncello (1982), Music for oboe (English horn) and harp (1982), Two Pieces for violoncello and piano (1983), Three Pieces for horn and piano (1983), Melody for violoncello and piano (1983), Music for flute and piano (1983), Music for accordion and violoncello (1983), Trio 84' for violin, viola and violoncello (1984), Dialogue for flute and viola (1984), "Iz dnevnika padlega partizana" - From the Diary of a Killed Partisan for bass, violin, viola, violoncello and piano (1984), Three Songs for bass, violoncello and piano (1984), Dialogues for two violins (1985), Sonatina for violin and piano (1985), Sonata Nr.1 for violin and piano (1985), Sonata Nr. 2 for violin and piano (1986), "Gozd " - Forest for French horn and organ (1986), "Uvodna glasba" - Opening Music for four French horns (1986), Three songs for tenor, violin and piano (1986), String Quartet Nr 1 (1987), String Quartet Nr. 2 (1987), Choral for organ and brass quintet (1987), Three Miniatures for double bass and piano (1987), Three Songs for mezzo-soprano, violin and guitar (1987), Monologue for clarinet, percussion and tape (1987), Three Variations for violoncello and piano (1988), Concertino for guitar and string quartet (1990), Toccata for two pianos and percussion (1990), The Seventh Avenue Blues for violin and piano (1991), Sonata for violoncello and piano (1991), Music for alto saxophone and piano (1992), Bagatelle for recorder and piano (1993), Humoresque for clarinet and piano (1993), Games for two violoncellos and organ (1993), Three Pieces for French horn, trumpet, trombone and piano (1993), "Èlovek zmaguje ali zgodba neke ozdravitve" - Man's Victory or the Story of Healing for wind quintet (1993), Two Bagatelles for two violins, violoncello and organ (1993), Bagatelle for trumpet and organ (1994), Ballade for saxophone ensemble (1994), Games for violin, guitar and accordion (1994), String Quartet Nr. 3 (1995), Music for flute and piano (1999), Romance for violin and piano (2000), Danubiana for seven performers (2002), Passacaglia and Toccata for string quartet (2002), In blue for alto saxophone, string quartet and double bass (2003).

Solo Music

Sonatina for violin solo (1978), Valse for piano (1979), Etude for percussion (1979), Prelude for accordion (1981), Improvisation for double bass solo (1983), Two Romances for violoncello solo (1984), Slovene Rhapsody for guitar (1987).

Other Ensembles:

"Dih" - The Breath, 1983, "Leta odločitve" - The Years of Decision, 1984, "Veselo gostüvanje" - The Merry Wedding, 1984, "Poletje v školjki" - Summer in a Shell, 1986, "Heretik" - Heresy, 1986, "Èisto pravi gusar" - Quite a Proper Pirate, 1987, "Poletje v školjki II" - Summer in a Shell II, 1988, "Odpadnik" - The Renegade, 1988, "Coprnica Zofka" - The Witch Sophia, 1989, "Nekdo drug" - Someone else, 1989, Patriot (1999).


- LP: Jani Golob - composer, 1988,
- Cassette: Music from the film Poletje v školjki (Summer in a Shell) Parts I and II, 1986.
- Cassette: Sklicujem zborovanje (Calling a Convention), chansons, 1987.
- Cassette: Pusti pevcu peti (Let the Poet Sing), poems by France Prešeren, 1991.
- Cassette: Pevca pesem skladka (The Poet’s Sweet Song), poems by France Prešeren, 1991.
- Double cassette: Škofjeloški pasijon (The Škofja Loka Passion), 1992.
- CD: Jani Golob - composer, 1994,
- CD: Lepa Vida (Pretty Vida), incidental music, 1995.


Address: Ul. bratov Učakar 58, 1000 Ljubljana
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E-mail: jani.golob@telemach.net
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