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Leto rojstva: 1957

Commission of Musical Works
Brina JEŽ BREZAVŠÈEK (1957, Ljubljana)


Composer and lecturer of vocal-instrumental classes.



- music school (elementary and intermediate levels): piano with Darinka Bernetiè,

- Grammar School Poljane, Ljubljana,

- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: piano studies and degree in composition (1981, class of Prof. Uroš Krek),

- Faculty of Humanities, University in Ljubljana: studies of musicology,

- took part in master classes and courses: Pécs, Hungary – piano (1974); Grožnjan, Croatia (1978) and Darmstadt, Germany (1984) – composition; Belgrade, Yugoslavia (1985) and Graz, Austria (1988) - electro acoustic music. In 1994 she worked at the CIRM studio in Nice and at the GRM studio in Paris,

- worked independently in the field of electro acoustic music at the CIRM studio, Nice and the GRM studio, Paris (1994).



- teaching piano at the music school in Tržiè (1981-1983),

- receives the state approved status of independent free-lance artist (1983/84),

- teaching piano at the Intermediate Educator's School in Ljubljana (1984-1987),

- independent free-lance artist (1987/88),

- lecturer for vocal-instrumental classes at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Ljubljana (since 1988),

- co-founder and president of the Society for Encouragement and Progress of New Music MUZINA (1991-2000).



Her compositions were regularly performed at the Annual Tribune of New Music Works at Opatija, Croatia, at Slovene Music Days and The Night of Slovene Composers (1988, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001), at the Concert Atelier of the Society of Slovene Composers (1981, 1982, 1983, 1986, 2000, 2003),at the festival Druga godba (The Other Music, 1985), The European Month of Culture (1997), at the Radovljica Festival (1998, 2000) Festival of Chamber Music in Radenci (2001), concerts of the MUZINA Society (1991, 2000), at the Music Biennale in Zagreb (1989, 1993), the Dora Pejaèeviæ Memorial in Na¹ice (1987), Europhonia in Zagreb (1988), at the World musicologists' and composers' convention “Arbeitstagung” in Darmstadt (1993), an author's evening in Nice (1993), at the festival Musica Danubiana in Rumania (1996), the MittelFest in Cividale, Italy (1996), at the Rostrum in Paris (1996), at the "Klangnetze" Musica Femina in München (1998), at the GEDOK and the arbetiskreis Frau und Musik concerts in Stuttgart (1999, 2000), at the Peace Institute in Schleiningen (Austria) and others.

In 2001 she was invited to participate at the Musikmonat in Basel, Switzerland, where she was commissioned a work for cello and piano.

Concerts dedicated entirely to her works: 1991 at the Cankarjev dom Congress and Cultural Centre, Ljubljana; 1993 in Darmstadt, 1996 a recital of violin and piano music at the Town Hall, Ljubljana; 2003 Composers' Portraits – an evening of electro acoustic music and commentary.

She wrote incidental music for theatre and film.

She appears in public as a pianist, mainly performing her own works and in duo with her husband, violinist Branko Brezav¹èek. They played in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia, at the Annual Music Tribunes in Opatija, at the Incontro Musicale in Cremona etc. She recorded for Radio Ljubljana and Radio Trieste. She writes articles both for daily press and professional magazines. As a pedagogue she is dedicated to introducing and developing musical creativity.




"Odisej" - Ulysses (text by Gregor Strniša), cantata for male choir, strings and percussion (1978/79), "Sanje leta" - Dream of the Year (text by Gregor Strniša), cantata for mixed choir and orchestra (1980), Sonsong, sound variations for orchestra (1993-98), "Ti zasnuli mesec" - To thou, slumbering moon (poem by Saša Vegri) for choir, strings and conga (2001).




"Nasmeh" - Smiles (Nina Šuštaršiè) for children's or female choir (1978), "Požeto polje" - Fields after Harvest (Tomaž Šalamun) for mixed choir (1978), Four songs for a young youth choir on the poems by Boris A. Novak: "Glej, glej, Veter, Žalost lutk, Najljubše igraèe lutk" - Look, look, The Wind, The Sorrow of Puppets, Favourite Toys of Puppets, 1987), "Kdo bo z nami šel v gozdièek" - Who will come with us to the forest (G. Vitez) for children’s choir and piano (1988), "Poljub" - The Kiss (Niko Grafenauer) for youth choir (1997), "Pomladne gosli" - The Spring Fiddle (Neža Maurer) for children's choir and piano or instrumental ensemble (1997), "Otroci se vrtijo" - Children’s Rounds (France Bevk) for children's choir and piano (1998), "Mucasta pesem" - Pussy-catty song (Bina Štampe Žmavc) for children's choir and piano or instrumental ensemble (1999), "Mamici" - For Mummy (Nina Šuštaršiè) for children's choir and chimes (1999), "Radovedna pesem" - The Song of Curiosity (D. Lukiæ) ) for children's choir and piano or instrumental ensemble (2001).



"Splašeni konji" - Frightened Horses (Nina Šuštaršiè) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass and chamber ensemble (1983).



"Lutka" - The Puppet (Gregor Strni¹a) for mezzo-soprano, recorders, violoncello and piano (1980), Sighsong for soprano and piano (1991), "Z vsakim trenutkom tonemo v veènosti" - With every instant we sink into eternity for soprano, violin, piano and percussion (1998), Wassermann (France Prešeren), cantata for mixed choir and percussion (1998), "Povodni mož" - Lord of the River (France Prešeren), cantata for mixed choir and percussion (2000), "Tisti èas" - That Time (Svetlana Makaroviè) for soprano, ancient brass instruments or trumpet and harpsichord (2000), "Ti zasnuli mesec" - To thou, slumbering moon (Saša Vegri), version for mixed choir, recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord (2002).



"Travnièki so že zeleni" - Meadows will be green by now for flute, violin, tape and slides (1978) "Pravljica" - A Fairy Tale for violin and piano (1981),

"Sonène pokrajine" - Sunny Landscapes for violoncello and piano (1982), Mobile Magico for chamber ensemble (1984), Efforts Gioia for piano, electric piano, synthesizer, percussion and electric bass guitar (1985), Aulofonia Domestica for oboe, clarinet and percussion (1988), Chain for string quartet (1991), Birds for recorders and harpsichord (1991), "Enakomerni odbleski" - Symmetrical Reflections) for violin and piano (1996), "Meditacija v petih odslikavah" -Meditation in Five Images for violoncello and piano (1997), Z" vsakim trenutkom tonemo v veènosti" - With Every Instant we Sink into Eternity for a variable group of musicians (1998), Agora:21, Amorag:5 for violoncello and piano (2001), Ghandi's epigrams for an actress, violin, piano and percussion (2002), Florence Alma Snoad for string trio (2001), Ardra 1 for flute quartet (2003).



Surprise for violin solo (1983), "Pozejdon" - Poseidon for violin solo (1990), Perfume Composition for viola solo (1995-96), "Vboki, izbokline" - Protuberances, Concavities for trombone (2000).



Four Improvisations (1977/78), "Drevesa" - Trees (1981), "Dih Mreža" - Breath- Enmeshment (1984), Eurena (1988).



"Vetrèek" - Breeze for two recorders (1992), Three Castle Miniatures: Poco libero for oboe and mandolin (or guitar or harp), Con nostalgia for violin and piano, Deciso ritmico for piano or harpsichord (1998), "Prva ljubezen" - First Love for two flutes (2001).



"Orfej" - Orpheus for bass-clarinet and electronics (1989), Silence or They are All so Nice and Handsome for violin and electronics (1992), "Glasba za gledališèe - Tri sestre" - Music for theatre - Three Sisters (1992), "Pet vzdušij" - Five Moods for piano, pianist’s gestures and electronics (1994), "Dve pariški vokalni etudi" - Two Parisian Vocal Studies for electronics (1994), "Pet vzdušij" - Five Moods for piano and electronics (1994), "Pet vzdušij" - Five Moods, radiophonic version (1995), Earth for electronics, material based on the sounds of drums (2001).



Songong for a female singer and a male percussionist (1985), "Sedem mehkih iluzij" - Seven Soft Illusions for an actress or an actor, saxophone and double bass (1999).


Her work is characterized by the diversity of her search. However, she remains within the mainstream of contemporary trends in music. Often subtle expressiveness infused by innermost feelings is in the forefront. Some of her works focus on exploring the sound structures. Lately, the domain of her interest has been opening outward, emphasizing the reverence for the integrity of the human being as well as for the material and spiritual environment.



address: Rutarjeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana

telephone: + 386 (0) 1 251 39 72

mobile: + 386 (0) 31 31 44 72

e-mail: brina.jez@guest.arnes.si


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