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SKALE Aleksander

Leto rojstva: 1922
Leto smrti: 2019
Kraj rojstva: Ljubljana




- Matriculation exams at the I. State Grammar School (1943).
- Nine semesters at the Department of Chemistry of the Technical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana (1943-1948).
- Gained basic knowledge of music at the Ljubljana Music Centre (Glasbena Matica).
- Studied chromatic accordion with Prof. Pillich and trumpet with Prof. Karas at the Ljubljana Music High School. 


- Member of the Radio Slovenia Dance Orchestra.
- Member of the Radio Slovenia Dance Orchestra Soloist Ensemble.
- Member of the Ljubljana Jazz Ensemble.
- Active in the radio music editorship, founded the editorship for jazz music.
- Editor-in-chief of the programme Music Beyond Borders (Glasba ne pozna meja) for 20 years.
- Organiser of jazz events and concerts.
- One of the founders and organisers of the Yugoslav Jazz Festival in Bled (1960).
- First president of the Ljubljana Jazz Society.
- Presenter of the Jazz on the Screen cycle.
- Founding and longstanding member of the Administrative Board of the European and International Jazz Federation.
- Lectured with the People’s University Organisation.
- President of the radio programme workers trade union.

Awards and Prizes

- Honorary prizes of the RTV Ljubljana work community.
- RTV Ljubljana Plaque for his service in the development of RTV in Slovenia (1980).
- Silver Badge of the Trade Unions of Slovenia for his successful career.
- Plaque of the City of Ljubljana for his longstanding and successful career in the field of music creativity (1997).
- Golden Plaque of the Zagreb JUGOTON record company (1963).
- Silver Plate for his service in the organisation of the international cycle of programmes Music Beyond Borders (Glasba ne pozna meja).


- Lovske zgodbice (Hunters’ Stories), Mladinska knjiga (hunting stories and illustrations).
- Kaj je jazz (What is Jazz?).
- Razvoj Jazza I in II (The Development of Jazz I and II).
- Moderni Jazz (Modern Jazz).
- 30 let festivalov Jazza Bled/Ljubljana (Thirty Years of Bled/Ljubljana Jazz Festivals) (1960-1989).
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