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JEŽ Jakob

Leto rojstva: 1928
Leto smrti: 2022

Commission of Musical Works
Jakob JEŽ (1928, Boštanj)



- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: degree at the Department of Music History (1954),

- specialist exam with the treatise The Young Years of Marij Kogoj, a survey of works from Kogoj's compositional legacy (1959).



- pedagogue at music school, grammar school and Intermediate Music and Ballet School in Ljubljana (1955-1963),

- member of the composers' group Pro musica viva (1960-1965),

- pedagogue at the Intermediate Music and Ballet School in Ljubljana (1963-1970),

- secretary of the Society of Slovene Composers and editor of the Bulletin Skladatelj (The Composer) (1967-1970),

- editor-in-chief of the magazine Grlica (The Turtle-dove) (1968-1988),

- lecturer the Department of Music Education, Academy of Pedagogy (1970),

- editor-in-chief of the magazine Na¹i zbori (Our Choirs) (1991-1998),

- full professorship for Music Education at the Faculty of Pedagogy, University of Ljubljana (1992).



- first prize of the federal radio for the performance of the cantata Do fraig amors, 1968,

- Award of the Pre¹eren Foundation for the composition Do fraig amors, 1970,

- Pre¹eren Prize for Life Achievement, 1991.




Concertino semplice for violin and strings (1962), Strophes for oboe, clarinet and strings (1965), Folk Song and Capriccio for French horn and orchestra (1973), Folk Song and Intermezzo for violin and orchestra (1976), Strune, milo se glasite (Strings, give us your graceful sounds) for mandolin and 18 strings (1977).



Klas pri klasu (Ear by Ear) – a song cycle for mixed choir (1960-78), Igraj kolce (Play the Game of 'Kolce') for female choir (1966), The Idyll of J. Vodovnik for female choir (1971), Pojem, ple¹em (I sing, I dance) – a song cycle for children's choir (1973), Nmau èez izaro (Just over the Lake) for female choir (1975), Umetnost in regrat (Art and Dandelion) (1976), Caccia barbara for five vocal soloists (1979), Potres v Reziji (The Earthquake in Resia) (1980), Periatev for female choir (1981), Komar z muho (The Mosquito with the Fly (1982), Souda¹ka (Soldiers' Song) for female choir (1983), The Magnet (1984), Musica noster amor (1984), Razglednica (The Postcard) (1984), Njiva (The Field) for female choir (1985), Ternek for female choir (1987), Ad astra for female choir (1989), Farinelli (1989), Prava pesem (True Song) for female choir (1992), The Rhyme (1993-96), Second Suite of Folk Tunes (1994), Je ¹e pesem (The Song still exists) for female choir (1995), Third Suite of Folk Tunes (1995), Veliki krog (The Great Circle) for female choir (1995), Mati zemlja (Mother Earth) (2000), O, ti mogoèni (Oh, You All-mighty) (2000), Matura (A level exams / High School Graduation) (2000).



Zadnja ptica (The Last Bird) for voice and piano (1956), Three Songs for voice and piano (1957), Uspavanke za hèerko (Cradle Songs  for a Daughter)  for voice and piano (1958), Drobne pesmi (Minute Songs) for voice and piano (1958-60), Three Ballads for voice and piano (1960), Pastirski spevi (Shepherds' Canticles) for two voices, flute, clarinet, violin and piano (1960), Pojem, igram (I sing, I play) – a cycle for female choir, piano and ensemble (1964-92), Noè utripa (Pulsating Night) for voice, French horn and harp (1964), Ten Songs for voice and piano, Three Songs on Murn's texts for voice, flute and viola, (1965), Odsevi Hajamovih stihov (Reflections of Khayam's Verses) for soprano and chamber ensemble (1967), Do fraig amors - cantata for two choirs, mandolin, guitar, lute and percussion (1968), Bri¾inski spomeniki (The Freising Monuments) - cantata for tenor, bass, two mixed choirs, children's choir, brass instruments and percussion (1970), Iacobi Galli disticha for voice, lute and percussion (1970), Spomin (The Memory) for voice, chimes and piano (1970), Pogled narave (Nature's Gaze) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, clarinet, French horn and percussion (1973), Pogled zvezd (Stars' Gaze) - cantata for soprano, two mezzo-sopranos, male octet, mixed choir and orchestra (1974), Caccia giocosa for six vocal soloists and French horn (1983), Gozdni odmevi (Sylvan Echoes) for voice and flute (1983), Pogled lune (Moon's Gaze) for trumpet, violoncello and percussion (1990), Sodobna uspavanka (Contemporary Lullaby) for mixed choir, flute and clarinet (1990-96), Morski odmevi (Ocean's Echoes) for voice and viola (1998), Five folk Songs for 1-2 voices and piano (1998-99).



Zimska pravljica (Winter Tale) – a collection of pieces for different formations (1960), Pastoral Inventions for violin and piano (1961), Elegies for flute and clarinet (1962), Sonatina for flute and piano (1962), Stihi (Verses) for oboe and viola (1965), Assonances for oboe, harp and piano (1966), Nomos for chamber ensemble (1969), Nomos II for clarinet, trombone and violoncello (1970), Variations for flute , clarinet and bassoon (1968), Nomos III for two violins (1970), Nomos V for French horn, trumpet, trombone and piano (1972), Nomos VI for violoncello and piano (1974), Nomos VII for trombone and percussion (1976, rev. 1981), Toccare toccata for violin and violoncello (1979), Extremes I for bassoon and piano (1984), Extremes II for clarinet and two percussion instruments (1986), Bucolic for Gallus for two trumpets, French horn and trombone (1991), Extremes III for oboe and two percussion instruments (1997), Extremes IV for flute and two percussion instruments (1998).



Romantic Study for piano (1950), Elegy for piano (1952), First Sonatina for piano (1954), Two Children's Suites for piano (1955), Second Sonatina for piano (1956), Mali popotnik (The Little Wanderer) for piano (1964), Three Studies for piano (1967), Vzgibi (Impulses) for violin (1968), Nomos IV for violoncello (1972, rev. 1975), Tablature for guitar (1982), Nomos VIII (1989).



Pogled zvezd (Star's Gaze) II (1976).



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