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Leto rojstva: 1953

Commission of Musical Works
Brina ZUPANÈIÈ (1953, Maribor)



- Intermediate Music School in Maribor: diploma in piano and music theory (1972, class of Prof. Roman Klasinc),

- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: degree in piano (1976, class of Prof. Dubravka Tom¹iè-Srebotnjak),

- Academy of Music in Ljubljana: studies of composition and music theory (since 1998, first with Prof. Uro¹ Rojko, then with Prof. Marko Mihevc); degree in composition and music theory (2003).



- piano teacher at the elementary and intermediate level of the Music School in Celje (since 1974),

- currently lecturer of compositional techniques at the intermediate level of the Music School in Celje.




She writes mainly instrumental music. Her works have seen many well-received performances in concerts given by the Slovene Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, the Brass Band of the Slovene Police Force, the Slowind wind quintet, the Gaudeamus chamber orchestra, and other renowned ensembles and soloists, both at home and abroad, including such festivals as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.



Zvezdica zaspanka (The Sleepy Twinkle-Star) for symphony orchestra, music for a radio play (2000, 9'), Rapsodia giovanile for clarinet, piano, string orchestra and bells (2001, 7'), Vpra¹anja (Questions) for symphony orchestra (2001, 12'), Allegro moderato for violin and symphony orchestra (2001, 8'), Archetypes for double bass and symphony orchestra (2002, 11'),  Symphony (2003).



Three Songs on texts by Bina ©tampe-®mavc for soprano, baritone, mixed choir, nine girl voices and youth chamber orchestra (1992), O zlati ribici (About the Goldfish) for symphony orchestra and female choir (1999, 11'), Tri ®elje Anastazija Zelenca (Three wishes of Anastasio Greenhorn) on a text by France Pre¹eren for bass-baritone and piano (or symphony orchestra 2000, 3'), Zvezdica zaspanka (The Sleepy Twinkle-Star) for brass band, a girl's voice and narrator (2001, 28').



Quartet for piano, flute, violin and violoncello (1998, 12'), A kdor je pregloboko gledal v sanje (Whoever Looked too Deep into his Dreams) inspired by a verse by Milan Jesih) for violin, guitar, vibraphone and piano (1999, 7'), Koèija (The Coach) for harp and marimba (2000, 7'), ©tiri slike vetra (Four Images of the Wind) for wind quintet (2000, 13'), Vpra¹anja (Questions) for chamber ensemble, version for 14 and version for 19 instruments (2001, 12'), Rapsodia giovanile for clarinet, piano and string quartet (2001, 7'), Respirationes for flute and piano (2001, 9').



Address: Primož 2b, 3230 Šentjur

Mobile: + 386 (0) 41 20 02 70

E-mail: brina.zupancic@guest.arnes.si; brina.zupancic@siol.net


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